Hackers hold Domino’s Pizza to ransom over customers’ data

By Adam Thomson in Paris, June 16, 2014

Hackers are holding Domino’s Pizza to ransom after stealing the personal data of more than 600,000 of its customers in France and Belgium.

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GCHQ to pass data to companies to fight cyber spies

By Sam Jones, Defence and Security Editor

GCHQ, Britain’s electronic spy agency, is to begin regular, bulk sharing of classified intelligence material with some of the UK’s biggest companies in an effort to combat the digital espionage threat.

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Nice car, but cyber hackers may be doing your steering

By Henry Foy

You are travelling at 70 miles an hour down the motorway. Suddenly, your dashboard goes blank. The horn starts sounding. You push on the brakes but they fail to work. Then the steering-wheel starts to turn by itself.

Your car is not breaking down. It has been hacked.

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The Bank of England Goes to Cyber War

By Anna Irrera

The Bank of England has launched a new cyber security strategy for financial institutions in the U.K., as the sector struggles to protect itself against the increased threat of cyber-attacks.

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Red Button Flaw Exposes Major Vulnerability In Millions of Smart TVs

It’s 9:30 p.m. on a Sunday in New York City. People in their apartments in the Inwood neighborhood of Manhattan have their air-conditioners blasting and don’t hear the slight whirr of the two drones hovering 35 stories in the air outside. They’re on the couch watching Family Guy, Duck Dynasty or the Good Wife on their new Web-connected flat-screen TVs.

No one sees the hack coming.

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Vodafone Discloses Level of Government Tapping Around the World

Telecom Firm Says Government Agencies in Some Countries Have Direct Access to Its Infrastructure

By Sam Schechner and Simon Zekaria
June 6, 2014

LONDON— Vodafone Group VOD.LN +1.47% PLC said government agencies in multiple countries have direct access to the global carrier’s infrastructure, allowing them to listen to conversations on its networks, sometimes requiring little or nothing in the way of formal requests.

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Kremlin alleged to wage cyber warfare on Kiev

By Sam Jones

Russia’s physical invasion of Crimea may have begun in late February, in the days after the removal of Ukraine’s president Viktor Yanukovich, but the infiltration of Kiev’s computer systems began years before.

While only glimpses have yet emerged as to what the scope of hostilities in cyber space might be, most military analysts are in little doubt that the Ukraine crisis marks a key point in the so far limited history of cyber warfare.

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Second Open SSL flaw discovered

By Hannah Kuchler

A second serious flaw has been found in the security software used to protect about two-thirds of all websites from cyber criminals, a month after the first, called Heartbleed, prompted consumers across the world to change their passwords.

The vulnerability was reported on Thursday in the Open SSL software, best known as the technology behind the padlock shown next to a web address, but it had existed for up to 10 years.

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Google Offers New Encryption Tool

By Nicole Perlroth, June 3, 2014

Google’s push for more encryption of email messaging could make the job of government snoops more difficult.

Google on Tuesday released the source code for a new extension to its Chrome browser that will make it a lot easier for users to encrypt their email.

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NCA and FBI disrupt global malware network

Internet users have a two-week opportunity to protect themselves from a malicious software that has hijacked more than 15,000 computers in the UK and caused more than $100m of losses globally.

The National Crime Agency said on Monday that it – in co-operation with the FBI and other foreign law enforcement agencies – has disrupted the GameOver Zeus botnet, a global network of infected computers that is designed to steal banking and other credentials.

The FBI lists symptoms found in computers infected by the GameOver Zeus malware. More information about how to remove the infection can be found at: https://www.us-cert.gov/ncas/alerts/TA14-150A

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