Experts warn banks of more cyber attacks

By Hannah Kuchler

The latest wave of cyber attacks against US banks highlights the persistent threat facing the global financial sector, as the number of so-called financial Trojans targeting banks more than tripled last year.

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NATO Set to Ratify Pledge on Joint Defense in Case of Major Cyberattack

By David E. Sanger

BRUSSELS — When President Obama meets with other NATO leaders later this week, they are expected to ratify what seems, at first glance, a far-reaching change in the organization’s mission of collective defense: For the first time, a cyberattack on any of the 28 NATO nations could be declared an attack on all of them, much like a ground invasion or an airborne bombing.

The most obvious target of the new policy is Russia, which was believed behind computer attacks that disrupted financial and telecommunications systems in Estonia in 2007 and Georgia in 2008, and is believed to have used them in the early days of the Ukraine crisis as well.

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US probes wave of cyber attacks on banks

By Tom Braithwaite and Hannah Kuchler in San Francisco

US authorities are investigating a new wave of cyber attacks against American financial institutions, including JPMorgan Chase, the largest US bank by assets.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation said on Wednesday it was working with the US Secret Service “to determine the scope of recently reported cyber attacks against several American financial institutions”.

“Combating cyber threats and criminals remains a top priority for the United States government,” the FBI added. “We are constantly working with American companies to fight cyber attacks.”

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