Worried about Google’s Your Timeline? Here’s how to disable tracking

by Lisa Vaas

Google on Tuesday announced something called Your Timeline: a Google Maps tool that promises to enable users to “rediscover” the places we’ve been on any given day, the routes we’ve taken to get there, and the photos we took and which Google tucked away into Google Photos.

This is all data that Google keeps track of on our behalf, all adding up to a rather terrifying portrait of how much the apex data predator snarfs down about us.

“Only you can see your timeline,” Google says. From its post:

Your Timeline is private and visible only to you; and you control the locations you choose to keep.

Thank God for that, given what Your Timeline reveals about:

– Your movements;
– What’s easily discernible as your home, down to the street address;
– The places you frequently go, which points to where your family, friends, illicit dalliances or political collaborators are located;
– The routes you take to get there;
– The businesses that you visited on any given day (as well as Google’s guess as to where you went, if you haven’t already confirmed its guesses); and
– Photos that document who you were with on a particular day at a specific place.
Can we trust Google to keep such information safe and private?

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