Are we leaving our digital front doors wide open?

We give hackers a hand by being less than imaginative with security, says Izabella Kaminska.

“Target. Home Depot. Jennifer Lawrence. Everyone gets hacked ”
FT, September 12

As we spend more of our lives and money online, our vulnerability to cyber attacks is clearly rising, but how serious is the risk?

As Donald Rumsfeld once said, it’s the unknown unknowns we have to fear most, and the cyber security threat falls distinctly into that category.

Surely it’s a known unknown?

Not necessarily. As the world gets more connected, hackers – whether financially or politically motivated – are becoming increasingly creative. More worryingly, technology tends to outpace the efforts of legislators and security services, creating the possibility of significant blind spots in national cyber defences.

Don’t we sometimes walk straight into the hackers’ traps?

Are you talking about phishing vulnerability, or storing naked pictures on the cloud?

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