Facebook ordered to stop tracking non-users

by Lisa Vaas – 4 Dec. 2015

Facebook is now blocking Belgians if they haven’t signed in.

Those Belgians who don’t have a Facebook account are now unable to view Belgian Facebook pages at all, even public profiles such as those for local businesses.

The change was forced on Facebook when a Belgian court ruling last month ordered the social network to either face fines or stop tracking people who browse the site when they’re not signed in.

Those were stiff fines: at the time of the ruling, Facebook was given 48 hours to comply, lest it face fines of up to €250,000 EUR ($267,000 USD) a day.

According to the BBC, Facebook expected to receive an order this week and plans to contest it.

In the meantime, it’s complying: cookies will no longer be set for non-users, and visitors to the site must have accounts to access content.

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