Facebook’s DeepFace facial recognition technology has human-like accuracy

By Lee Munson

Facial recognition technology has been around for many years…

DeepFace is so accurate that there is barely a difference between its ability to identify a person and that of a real human being. The software’s algorithms are able to determine whether two different photographs feature the same person with an accuracy rate of 97.25%, regardless of the angle of the shot or the background lighting conditions.

So Facebook’s going to turn this technology on its 1.3 billion users and root out and quantify even more of the social connections implied by your photos, right? They say not.

The social network plans to use the system to identify its users in new photos as they are uploaded. If your visage appears in one of the 400 million pictures added to the network each day you’ll receive an email from Facebook alerting you.

Full article at: https://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2015/02/06/facebooks-deepface-facial-recognition-technology-has-human-like-accuracy