Hold data on EU citizens? Check if you’ll be compliant with the new Data Protection Regulation

By Anna Brading on January 16, 2015
It seems like we hear about new data breaches every week. Last year we saw shops, banks, restaurants and other companies lose data on customers, not to mention an epidemic of medical data breaches.

The European Union (EU) has been working on a new regulation which will apply one consistent set of requirements to all EU countries and all organisations that hold data on European citizens, even if the organisations are not based in the EU.

The proposed legislation will require everyone who holds data on European citizens to implement appropriate security measures to protect the data, which may include names, photos, email addresses, bank details, posts on social networks, medical information or a computer’s IP address.

It will also introduce fines of up to €100 million or 5% of annual turnover in the event of a personal data breach.

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