Brian Lodge

I served 30 years in The Metropolitan Police Force, 27 of them as a career Detective. A great deal of this time was spent combating major crime by investigation and surveillance. I retired in 2002 and have been a Private Investigator since.

Although I still have a working knowledge of investigative procedures and chain of evidence, this course was of great benefit to me, not only as a refresher, but more importantly brought me up to date with, and highlighted shortcomings I had in relation to recent legislation changes and the requirements currently in place governing the investigation sector.

The course, was interesting, properly structured and most importantly, well delivered and should be one to seriously consider attending no matter whether you are an experienced operative, have some knowledge or a complete novice.

Brian Lodge
Napier Lodge Investigations LtdĀ 

Brian Lodge Napier Lodge Investigations Ltd March 7, 2014