C Main

I served 25 years in the Metropolitan Police Force, seven of which was spent in uniform dealing with day to day public duties. I joined SO11 and spent 18 years working in a dedicated surveillance unit based at Scotland Yard, dealing with all types of major crime from Anti Terrorism, Kidnappings, Armed Robberies and Drugs. 

The ESS course was of great benefit to me; not only as a refresher but more importantly it brought me up to date with recent Laws and Legislation, and requirements currently in place governing this business.

I have spent the last 10 years in the private sector. I still have a working knowledge of investigative procedures and the chain of evidence.

I am an experienced competent operative but gained a great deal from the ESS Consulting P I training. I found the course to be informative, properly structured and at all times the instruction was clear and professionally delivered.

I can highly recommend this course to all, whether novice or an experienced investigator.

C. Main
Napier Lodge Associates Limited

August 11, 2014