D Burret

I have served 8 years in a military reconnaissance unit and have now joined the private market for surveillance. I was recommended to attend the osint training course by a colleague who is also ex military and had taken 3 courses with ESS. I completed the osint level 3 and professional investigator level 3 and used my resettlement funding for this. I was due to attend another surveillance training company course that a lot of colleagues recommended but I’m very pleased with the choice I made in ESS. The instructors were superb and obviously done this work for a very long time, they couldn’t be more helpful and the courses were excellent. I took a lot of knowledge away from the courses but it was a bit intense at times so I did feel I missed out on some areas too. The instructor has offered continued support which is great.

One point really struck home, and that is how much B… S.. there is promoting surveillance training and how apparently easy it is to go get work. The instructor was brutally honest which I and the others appreciated and many of the experience surveillance operatives also on this course said exactly the same thing, that it was very difficult to get regular work and no surveillance training course will get you in with a surveillance company or investigator. Part of the course was showing students how difficult it is to secure work in the industry and how to go about it in a clever way. Very worthwhile and essential to me.

I am converted and will go back to take the ESS level 3 and 4 surveillance courses, and I look forward to going on real operations all included which I think will serve me better than any of the training put together.

D. Burret
Former Recce Troop Royal Marines

February 6, 2015