James Nason

ESS Consulting have a vast wealth of knowledge and experience within the surveillance & Investigation industry and this is clearly reflected in their training courses. They are an industry leader and seasoned professionals turn to them for training requirements and advice.

I met Jason of ESS a few years ago where he introduced me to the world of covert surveillance. I have now worked with ESS on a number of occasions and attended several of their training courses. I use the skills and knowledge gained from that training to offer services through my own company.

ESS Consulting Limited are approachable and their course delivery is open in terms of discussion. Course tutors explain each topic with detail and provide the student with supported reading material. They are also prepared to answer any questions posed to help students further their knowledge and achieve a pass result in the exam. I believe everyone on the last course I attended passed way above the required mark due to the tutors teaching method and course content.

I would not hesitate to recommend ESS Consulting to any company or organisation as their services and training courses are focused on achieving commercial success and meeting a client’s goals and objectives.

James Nason
Sentry Consulting


James Nason Sentry Consulting March 10, 2014