I retired from the Met Police after 21 years service with 19 of those years spent as a Detective predominantly in proactive, covert roles in London. I was a Level 1 CHIS handler, posted to The Flying Squad, an authorised firearms officer (AFO) and fully trained surveillance officer. I was employed on a confidential Unit where I investigated numerous high profile and sensitive cases.

Since leaving the Police I have worked as a freelance Investigator/surveillance operative. I was recommended by an ex Met surveillance Team Leader to enrol on the Professional Investigator Level 3 course being run by ESS Consulting as he had attended the course and found it very beneficial.

I enrolled on the course and attended this month. I was sent a course prospectus and some pre-reading material. The other candidates on the course were from a mixed background of military intelligence, aviation and private security. The previous experiences of the students made for interesting conversation and contributed to the course. I was also pleased I was not the only female present on the course as I think it made discussions more interesting.

The days are fully loaded with relevant, accurate content backed up by valuable case file examples. The sessions are delivered clearly, professionally and pitched at exactly the right level. For me personally this was about some revision material along with new instruction and advice for operating in the private sector. However I got a lot more than I thought I would out of this training.

Jason demonstrated a wealth of experience in relation to covert practices and techniques, the formal professional qualification obtained is a bonus to the first rate instruction.

Ex Met Flying Squad

February 7, 2015