John Griffiths

With over 30 years experience as a surveillance operative and facilitator in the Police and Private Sector and with SIA registration looming, I started making enquires about the Private Investigators qualification. Having already been approached by several companies offering this service on-line or classroom based, I spoke to Jason at ESS Consulting Ltd. Having known this ultimate professional for several years and looking at the package provided, I had no hesitation signing up for the course.

Classroom based in relaxed surroundings, with all facilities provided, I along with all the other students settled down immediately. With a broad spectrum of students attending, from those like myself with Police experience and a good understanding of legislation, to Ex Military personnel and novices looking at a career in Private Investigation, all areas were covered professionally. The time line made sure every student fully understood the content before moving on to the next topic. With an open forum, questions and answer points and examples, all the students benefitted from this learning experience.

Due to this experience all my operatives have now attended this ESS Consulting Ltd Private Investigators Course and I have highly recommended it to colleagues and individuals looking for this qualification. Thank you ESS and the team.

John Griffiths
Principle at Corporate Surveillance Services

John Griffiths Principle at Corporate Surveillance Services March 13, 2014