Tony Corrie

With the impending SIA regulations for PI licencing I started the long task of trying to find the right training provider to take me through this course. I have seen many adverts and recommendations for other training providers but wanted an operational company that would be using these regulations and legislation as second nature on a day to day basis.

Eventually, a couple of well respected operators told me the course that ESS is running was the one to do. After plenty of research, I chose them for the experienced operators 2 day course held at a wonderful venue in Newmarket. I had previous knowledge of the standard of course Jason and his team run as I had completed their 3 day OSINT course, which was probably the most enjoyable but hard course I had ever completed.

From booking the course to being sat in the classroom was a very slick and professionally run operation with all pre course reading material being sent in plenty of time for me to look through it all and to attempt to take it in. This course is very heavy on current regulations and legislation and the team at ESS made it very easy to get into the correct mindset to learn the relevant information required by the SIA.

There was a really good mix of people on my course with varying degrees of knowledge of the subject. Even though I have spent in excess of 30 years in this business, I found the way the course material was relayed to us, both us older ones and candidates that were relatively new to the industry, was exceptional. Everyone was treated as an equal and Q&A sessions invariably showed the difference between us but with some interesting ideas and approaches to different scenarios from everyone.

Jason’s relaxed (but very efficient) style of teaching allows for plenty of time to recap and go over things that were not fully understood initially, giving full and decisive answers to any questions put to him without any ambiguity.

I do have to say though, this is not an attendance course, the exams at the end are very intense but if you have read the material sent out prior to the course and listen to the lessons carefully you will achieve a great result – and most of this is down to the  excellent teaching methods and the vast subject knowledge of Jason and his team.

Tony Corrie MSc
Operations Manager
Senior Investigator & Security Consultant
Farleigh Consultants Limited

August 20, 2014