Level 3 Award for Covert Foot & Mobile Surveillance


I have trained with the Level 3 surveillance course run by ESS and Jason. I have now been lucky enough to secure some employment in surveillance working with personal injury claims.

The training Jason and Paul gave was very realistic and it has enabled me to secure work that I hope to build upon. I particularly valued the training of covertly using camera filming techniques shown as this has helped me probably the most for securing repeat work.

I have trained with another organisation and paid £2500 for 2 weeks covert surveillance training but this course taught me more reality and relevant methods and actually got me somewhere with working in the industry.

Thanks and will come on the OSint course in future

SI surveillance operative/close protection

February 7, 2015

I have spent the last 14 years as an aircraft engineer & the last 18 months dabbling part time within the realms of PI work, which I have now chosen as my new career.

After learning about the new licensing regulations for private investigators I researched various training companies and found numerous recommendations on ESS Consulting Ltd. The course was excellent value for money, the training was realistic with case file and videos, packed full of information and was delivered professionally. This was proven in my results with a pass in both exams.

Being relatively new to the industry I was expecting to be left trailing behind, but with Jason’s support, group discussions & instant answers to questions this wasn’t the case. This relaxed class room atmosphere just can’t be found with a distance learning course.  It has certainly given me the confidence needed for my next step.

Aviation Engineer/Investigator

February 7, 2015

I retired from the Met Police after 21 years service with 19 of those years spent as a Detective predominantly in proactive, covert roles in London. I was a Level 1 CHIS handler, posted to The Flying Squad, an authorised firearms officer (AFO) and fully trained surveillance officer. I was employed on a confidential Unit where I investigated numerous high profile and sensitive cases.

Since leaving the Police I have worked as a freelance Investigator/surveillance operative. I was recommended by an ex Met surveillance Team Leader to enrol on the Professional Investigator Level 3 course being run by ESS Consulting as he had attended the course and found it very beneficial.

I enrolled on the course and attended this month. I was sent a course prospectus and some pre-reading material. The other candidates on the course were from a mixed background of military intelligence, aviation and private security. The previous experiences of the students made for interesting conversation and contributed to the course. I was also pleased I was not the only female present on the course as I think it made discussions more interesting.

The days are fully loaded with relevant, accurate content backed up by valuable case file examples. The sessions are delivered clearly, professionally and pitched at exactly the right level. For me personally this was about some revision material along with new instruction and advice for operating in the private sector. However I got a lot more than I thought I would out of this training.

Jason demonstrated a wealth of experience in relation to covert practices and techniques, the formal professional qualification obtained is a bonus to the first rate instruction.

Ex Met Flying Squad

February 7, 2015

I have served 8 years in a military reconnaissance unit and have now joined the private market for surveillance. I was recommended to attend the osint training course by a colleague who is also ex military and had taken 3 courses with ESS. I completed the osint level 3 and professional investigator level 3 and used my resettlement funding for this. I was due to attend another surveillance training company course that a lot of colleagues recommended but I'm very pleased with the choice I made in ESS. The instructors were superb and obviously done this work for a very long time, they couldn't be more helpful and the courses were excellent. I took a lot of knowledge away from the courses but it was a bit intense at times so I did feel I missed out on some areas too. The instructor has offered continued support which is great.

One point really struck home, and that is how much B... S.. there is promoting surveillance training and how apparently easy it is to go get work. The instructor was brutally honest which I and the others appreciated and many of the experience surveillance operatives also on this course said exactly the same thing, that it was very difficult to get regular work and no surveillance training course will get you in with a surveillance company or investigator. Part of the course was showing students how difficult it is to secure work in the industry and how to go about it in a clever way. Very worthwhile and essential to me.

I am converted and will go back to take the ESS level 3 and 4 surveillance courses, and I look forward to going on real operations all included which I think will serve me better than any of the training put together.

D. Burret
Former Recce Troop Royal Marines

February 6, 2015

I was invited to attend the covert surveillance and osint level 3 courses by Jason at ESS Consulting. I have a background in government intelligence services and therefore a grounding on covert operations.

My honest assessment of the surveillance training, although being relatively short in duration (5 days) is all around excellence. The techniques and case files this company impart and the work they've been involved with could have come straight out of a spy novel. Some ingenious methods of achieving remarkable results and the instructors are first class.

My verdict, great training by a very competent operational company.

Intelligence Research

CE MD Intelligence Research January 4, 2015

I just wanted to thank ESS for running an excellent osint and surveillance course. I feel more confident as a novice investigator and have taken sound guidance from the training. I will be attending on the CPD days for mobile and foot surveillance and look to build on the skills already attained.

The knowledge and experience of the instructors is excellent and the case files were very impressive. This helped a lot in the understanding of my practical training.

Thanks for a great training experience and valuable knowledge gained.

CPO and Surveillance Operative

September 25, 2014

I did the ESS surveillance level 3 course and can honestly say it was better than any other surveillance training I’ve done. I have recommended it to 3 other colleagues. (I have trained with 3 other companies CP/ Surveillance). There was no BS, the emphasis is about you being able to make a living from surveillance as well as learning how to do the job well. I also did a surveillance job with ESS for the experience. It was difficult waiting around all day but we eventually got a target out and evidence on them. Great experience to see these guys work and they know their stuff. Thanks for the continued support.

A. Garcia
Close Protection and Surveillance

A. Garcia Close Protection and Surveillance March 13, 2014

This is a good value training course, I feel like I can actually go out and make a living from the skills and knowledge it gave me. If you’re going to pay a lot for some training, go to someone that will at least give you the skills to earn it all back! Thanks to ESS and a great course.

Tim Burkemshaw
Surveillance Operative

Tim Burkemshaw Surveillance Operative March 13, 2014

The surveillance training course run by ESS was excellent. I have been doing surveillance for nearly 5 years part-time but needed to get my skills up to a better standard. The training was intense but really enjoyable. I have also attended mobile/foot training days given free of charge by ESS. This is great practice and has made me a competent operative.

Baser Ince
Close Protection Operative

Baser Ince Close Protection Operative March 13, 2014

I recently attended the Level 3 EDI professional investigation and the covert surveillance training courses run by ESS Consulting Limited. I gained some excellent tips and knowledge about the reality of gathering evidence and covertly following your subject. I was paying more money out to train even though I have trained on other surveillance courses, because I want to work in the industry and nowhere else prepared me properly for that. ESS showed me how to build a portfolio and prove my skill to a potential employer. I’m now being used by an investigation firm pretty regularly and hope to build more contacts for a client base.

The course was worth every penny and I’m able to contact ESS for advice anytime.

Leigh Pickett
Surveillance Services

Leigh Pickett Surveillance Services March 13, 2014

ESS Consulting have a vast wealth of knowledge and experience within the surveillance & Investigation industry and this is clearly reflected in their training courses. They are an industry leader and seasoned professionals turn to them for training requirements and advice.

I met Jason of ESS a few years ago where he introduced me to the world of covert surveillance. I have now worked with ESS on a number of occasions and attended several of their training courses. I use the skills and knowledge gained from that training to offer services through my own company.

ESS Consulting Limited are approachable and their course delivery is open in terms of discussion. Course tutors explain each topic with detail and provide the student with supported reading material. They are also prepared to answer any questions posed to help students further their knowledge and achieve a pass result in the exam. I believe everyone on the last course I attended passed way above the required mark due to the tutors teaching method and course content.

I would not hesitate to recommend ESS Consulting to any company or organisation as their services and training courses are focused on achieving commercial success and meeting a client’s goals and objectives.

James Nason
Sentry Consulting


James Nason Sentry Consulting March 10, 2014

Thoroughly enjoyed the course with real life content and feel to it all. Fantastic training.

M. Harris
Surveillance operative/Close protection

M. Harris Surveillance operative/Close protection March 10, 2014

I am a close protection operative that wanted to train and work also in private investigation. I have taken two courses with ESS Consulting, the covert surveillance training was excellent and I have been given opportunities to observe real operations with ESS, this has been invaluable to me. I would recommend the course to anyone serious about working as a surveillance operative. The instructors are operational and very effective at what they do. Highly recommended.

Sarah B
Close protection operative

Sarah Besseling March 10, 2014