Level 3 Award for Open Source Intelligence Gathering


This course completely exceeded my expectations. So much was covered in the 3 days and it was delivered in such a manner that it allowed the entire class to grasp the skills we were learning and then put our new research techniques into practice for each topic covered. The trainers were friendly and approachable and their knowledge of the field is outstanding. I was in complete awe of their expertise and experience! I gained so much from this course and I now use what I learnt on a day to day basis within my work. I am already looking forward to the refresher course and I will also be arranging for a bespoke ESS Consulting Limited training package to be delivered to the rest of my work team.


Nicky September 14, 2016

This was the best course I have ever attended. The tutor is an excellent trainer and her knowledge of OSINT is quite outstanding and her offer of help after the course if required was an added bonus. I will certainly be taking advantage of attending another course within 6 months free of charge. I would definitely recommend this course to others. 

J.W., ex Customs/Border Force Officer

October 1, 2015

I recently took part in an OSINT course with ESS. I had never done anything like it before so was unsure of what to expect. Having now completed it, I can honestly say that I would recommend it to anyone.
The course was very intense but enjoyable and covered a huge range of topics. It was full of useful tools, methods and tricks that will be invaluable for work and for personal life. Both tutors have extensive knowledge and experience in their field and they relate real situations to the course content being taught. On top of this, we were given practical assessments to try out our newly acquired skills. They were well designed and it was fun to put what we had learned in to practice right away.
I happened to be one of the lucky few freelance candidates on this particular course, most were from a government agency. At first I was concerned that I would struggle to keep up, but both tutors readily answered all questions and gave me all the support I needed. They also offer ongoing support to candidates after the course, which really goes above and beyond.
I thoroughly enjoyed the whole course and will certainly be taking other courses with ESS as soon as I can.

C. S.

March 27, 2015

I attended the Open Source Intelligence Research Course run by ESS Consulting and Covert Training in Jan 2015. This was the second OSInt course that I have attended, the first was a Police OSInt Course at Bramshill whilst serving as an Intelligence Officer. I can say hand on heart that the two trainers improved my knowledge of OSInt research techniques without question. MH the main instructor, is a true SME and has a great breadth of knowledge on this subject. I recommend this course to anyone in the private sector that wishes to improve their research techniques. This course far surpassed my expectations and I would go as far to say the content exceeded that delivered by the police. Kind regards

Liam D

February 7, 2015

Open Source Intelligence

A very intense 3 days and hugely important. The course was presented superbly in a friendly and informative manner.  I’m just taking my first steps as an investigator in the private sector and have already found the power of the O.S.I.N.T course invaluable.  

The instructors are first class and work in the subject they teach so very real and credible training.

Highly recommended.

Aviation Engineer/Investigator

February 7, 2015

I retired from the Met Police after 21 years service with 19 of those years spent as a Detective predominantly in proactive, covert roles in London. I was a Level 1 CHIS handler, posted to The Flying Squad, an authorised firearms officer (AFO) and fully trained surveillance officer. I was employed on a confidential Unit where I investigated numerous high profile and sensitive cases.

Since leaving the Police I have worked as a freelance Investigator/surveillance operative. I was recommended by an ex Met surveillance Team Leader to enrol on the Professional Investigator Level 3 course being run by ESS Consulting as he had attended the course and found it very beneficial.

I enrolled on the course and attended this month. I was sent a course prospectus and some pre-reading material. The other candidates on the course were from a mixed background of military intelligence, aviation and private security. The previous experiences of the students made for interesting conversation and contributed to the course. I was also pleased I was not the only female present on the course as I think it made discussions more interesting.

The days are fully loaded with relevant, accurate content backed up by valuable case file examples. The sessions are delivered clearly, professionally and pitched at exactly the right level. For me personally this was about some revision material along with new instruction and advice for operating in the private sector. However I got a lot more than I thought I would out of this training.

Jason demonstrated a wealth of experience in relation to covert practices and techniques, the formal professional qualification obtained is a bonus to the first rate instruction.

Ex Met Flying Squad

February 7, 2015

"I am more than happy to provide this testimonial and hope that the few lines go some way in explaining the wealth of knowledge I gained from this course;

I came to the ESS OSINT course without a military or police background. I have been employed in operational security roles for 8 years having undertaken a BA(HONS) degree in the area. I was looking to expand my knowledge of the intelligence gathering process in order to ensure that I have a range of skills to offer employers and this course gave me more than I had bargained for.

I had attended a basic open source techniques course with a different company some years ago and built upon the knowledge substantially during this course.

The course was informative, interesting and insightful and has led me to looking at completing an MSc in this area.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone hoping to enhance their knowledge of open source intelligence.

Olympic Park Village

February 7, 2015

I have served 8 years in a military reconnaissance unit and have now joined the private market for surveillance. I was recommended to attend the osint training course by a colleague who is also ex military and had taken 3 courses with ESS. I completed the osint level 3 and professional investigator level 3 and used my resettlement funding for this. I was due to attend another surveillance training company course that a lot of colleagues recommended but I'm very pleased with the choice I made in ESS. The instructors were superb and obviously done this work for a very long time, they couldn't be more helpful and the courses were excellent. I took a lot of knowledge away from the courses but it was a bit intense at times so I did feel I missed out on some areas too. The instructor has offered continued support which is great.

One point really struck home, and that is how much B... S.. there is promoting surveillance training and how apparently easy it is to go get work. The instructor was brutally honest which I and the others appreciated and many of the experience surveillance operatives also on this course said exactly the same thing, that it was very difficult to get regular work and no surveillance training course will get you in with a surveillance company or investigator. Part of the course was showing students how difficult it is to secure work in the industry and how to go about it in a clever way. Very worthwhile and essential to me.

I am converted and will go back to take the ESS level 3 and 4 surveillance courses, and I look forward to going on real operations all included which I think will serve me better than any of the training put together.

D. Burret
Former Recce Troop Royal Marines

February 6, 2015

"I attended the Open Source Intelligence Research Course run by ESS and Covert Training in Jan 2015. This was the second OSInt course that I have attended, the first was a Police OSInt Course at Bramshill whilst serving as an Intelligence Officer. I can say hand on heart that Jason and Minerva the two trainers improved my knowledge of OSInt research techniques. Minerva is a true SME and has a great breadth of knowledge on this subject. I recommend this course to anyone in the private sector that wishes to improve their research techniques. This course far surpassed my expectations and I would go as far to say the content exceeded that delivered by the police. Kind regards Liam D”

February 4, 2015

I was invited to attend the covert surveillance and osint level 3 courses by Jason at ESS Consulting. I have a background in government intelligence services and therefore a grounding on covert operations.

My honest assessment of the surveillance training, although being relatively short in duration (5 days) is all around excellence. The techniques and case files this company impart and the work they've been involved with could have come straight out of a spy novel. Some ingenious methods of achieving remarkable results and the instructors are first class.

My verdict, great training by a very competent operational company.

Intelligence Research

CE MD Intelligence Research January 4, 2015

I just wanted to thank ESS for running an excellent osint and surveillance course. I feel more confident as a novice investigator and have taken sound guidance from the training. I will be attending on the CPD days for mobile and foot surveillance and look to build on the skills already attained.

The knowledge and experience of the instructors is excellent and the case files were very impressive. This helped a lot in the understanding of my practical training.

Thanks for a great training experience and valuable knowledge gained.

CPO and Surveillance Operative

September 25, 2014

A very well taught course, taught by someone with a deep subject knowledge gained through considerable operational experience. Highly Recommended!

Tony Corrie
Professional Investigator, Farleigh Consultants

Tony Corrie Professional Investigator, Farleigh Consultants August 8, 2014

The course is incredibly intense but in a good way. I had no idea what was possible in terms of finding information. It is so interesting and an absolute must if you either do this kind of thing for a living or just have an interest in it. Also, taught by very passionate individuals which makes it much easier.

Hazell Reed
Trainee Professional Investigator

Hazell Reed Trainee Professional Investigator August 8, 2014

This was an extremely useful course and full of very useful information. The course presenters were very knowledgable and good at presenting the course.

Counter Fraud Investigator, Shop Direct

Counter Fraud Investigator, Shop Direct August 8, 2014

Fabulous course, taught well. Learnt so much that can be transfered to my day to day working. Interesting course and a real eye opener! Very pleased with the whole course and how it was presented. Everyone friendly and helpful.

Counter Fraud Investigator, Shop Direct  

Counter Fraud Investigator, Shop Direct August 8, 2014

A very good course. The material is mindblowing and essential to any investigation.

Corporate Counter Fraud Investigator, Shop Direct

Corporate Counter Fraud Investigator, Shop Direct August 8, 2014

Very informative course, an absolute must for any investigator in the private sector. Everyone knows the information is out there, this course shows you how to find it!

Stewart Farrell
Counter Fraud Investigator, Next Directory

Stewart Farrell Counter Fraud Investigator, Next Directory August 8, 2014

Before going to ESS for their O.S.I.N.T course, I maintained an open mind as to what I might learn. In truth I had little idea what to expect, but knowing of their prestigious reputation I was hopeful. Even my wildest of expectations could not have prepared me for the veritable maelstrom of information I received while I was there. During the course I learnt things that made me smile and laugh and others that challenged and evolved my perspectives in data security and management. It's hard to imagine not knowing about the crucial topics they covered. After only 3 days with the superb tutors I felt like I had exited with enough tools to rake in genuine results for my work. I was right.

Serge Goldenberg

Serge Goldenberg GIProtection July 9, 2014

I have completed the open source intelligence gathering course with ESS Consulting and would endorse this without hesitation. The techniques and intelligence collation available to the general public is quite unnerving and yet what was being taught although sometimes 'grey areas' was all legal. This opened my eyes to a whole world of intelligence I did not believe was possible outside of official law enforcement agencies.

Ex Metropolitan Police

J. M. Ex Metropolitan Police July 8, 2014

As an intelligence professional of over 12 years it still surprised me how much information is out there for those who know how and where to look without the use of sophisticated and expensive tools.  The course was run in a relaxed, professional manner and wasn't simply designed to give you the answers to a test.  Each section in the training programme had real world investigative value and in the short time since attending the course has improved my intelligence gathering and research capability significantly.

Ex-Intelligence Corps

Dan Ex-Intelligence Corps May 19, 2014

For security screening and background vetting, the OSINT Level 3 course is an absolute must. It encompasses a modern insight into legal and efficient ways of identifying and collating data on individuals or groups using the power of the ‘world wide web’. I came away even on the first day feeling profoundly confident in my ability to perform legitimate observations on candidates prior to employing them into integral and trusted positions within my company. I highly recommend this course to anyone in management looking to strengthen their recruitment tools.

R. Macpherson
Regional Manager, GIProtection Ltd

R. Macpherson Regional Manager, GIProtection Ltd May 15, 2014

I thought this was an excellent course, very well taught and structured and I have gained a lot that I can use immediately. Although I do not work as a professional Investigator, there are multiple business uses that are raised in the course that would benefit people like myself such as: improved search engine searching, Twitter analytics, company and individual analysis, improved data storage and security as well as a raft of IT tricks and tools that I wouldn't have otherwise known about.

Daniel Crispin
Sustainable Home Survey CIC

Daniel Crispin Sustainable Home Survey CIC May 14, 2014

An absolute must attend course for anyone involved in commercial and corporate investigations. If I had attended the same course a year ago, I could have substantially speeded up my enquiries and gained more positive results.

Steve Barlow
Corporate Investigator

Steve Barlow Corporate Investigator May 14, 2014

I thought that after 10 years of being an investigator that I had a fairly good knowledge of Open Source Research but this course showed just how little I actually knew. It has provided me with some valuable new tools that will be essential to my role.

Ex Police Officer and Corporate Investigator


Ex Police Officer and Corporate Investigator May 10, 2014