The spies in your living room: 70% of smart appliances vulnerable to cyber-attack

By Graham Templeton

Some months ago, the hacker/trolling group DerpTrolling tweetedthat they were attacking Xbox Live with their botnet of refrigerators. Many took this to be a joke, since it sounds so ridiculous, and Derp certainly likes to play up the absurdity of the world that’s available to the modern hacker. But make no mistake: Derp was not joking. When most of your attacks are based on sending one of the simplest possible communications — the simple requests that collectively make up a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack — you don’t need a bleeding-edge Mac Pro to do it. Even a fridge, or a stove, and certainly a television, is powerful enough to be useful to hackers of all stripes, and new research shows that many of them are almost totally unprotected.

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